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Fresh Fujitsu dedicated server deals in Estonia

We,at EstNOC, decided to update our Dedicated Server Deals in Estonia. We got some brand new Fujitsu Primergy RX1330 M1 servers already running and 2016 models of Fujitsu Primergy RX1330 M2 are available since 14.April 2016.

Now a little bit longer about these server models. Rx1330 M1 is supported by Intel Xeon E3-12** v3 cpu, up to 32 GB DDR3 ECC memory and 4x 3.5" Hot-Swap harddisks/ssd's. Each of the M1 models is coming with iRMC (equivalent to IPMI) remote management access running on dedicated uplink port and also 2x Gigabit Ethernet ports. This server is ideal for individuals, enthusiasts and small- to middle size businesses. It can handle almost any kind of computing tasks you give him.  About M2 models. These are brand new 2016 year models supported by Intel Xeon E3-12** v5 cpu, up to 64 GB DDR4 memories, it can hold redundant Power Supplier Units and it does have redundant Gigabit Ethernet ports.  Each of the M2 models have already pre-built iMRC remote management c…