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In these days keeping data online isn’t safe anywhere because there are many type of software or viruses are there which can easily hack all your data and misuse them. But in this world where everyone use internet then being an offline company isn’t a solution, so that secured data centers are required to store and keep your data online and safe from outer world threat.
Here at, Estnoc, we provide the world most secured Data center services in Estonia and Romania. We have core team who are worked with aim that provide best and reliable service to our client. Data center are required for storing and saving your data from outer world threat. 
Looking for data center for saving your Data in Estonia and Romania. Here at, Estnoc we provide the best data center which are reliable and easily understandable.
Web hosting services is important so that when someone want to take that services they firstly check many things like response time of helpdesk so that if you stuck in somewhere you get fast help. Here at Estnoc, we provide Web hosting services inEstonia. Our staff is respond with in 60 minute of ticket raised.

Dedicated hosting service is many client requirements. They required dedicated hosting services in Romania for them. Here we Provide a dedicated server to our client not the shared one. Because some companies want their own server for some security reasons that they don’t want to share their server.
 We also provide Dedicated server in Estonia Which are very reliable and dedicated towards your project. These serves are fully dedicated toward one project which assign them.
At Estnoc we have services for offshore locations. Here we provide offshore Sweden dedicated servers. We operating our project in multi-location in the world and convert them to Romania.
We can provide data center and Webhosting services in Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and many more cities and the list is also going up day by day.

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